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Twistty's Join Request

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Posted (edited)

What's your name(s), age and location?:

 My in-game name is Twistty and my real name is Dimitar. I am 17 years old and I´ll be 18 on the 11th of January.
 Currently living in Dulovo/Bulgaria.

Tell us something about you:

 I have been playing for almost 6 years, started in 2015. A friend invited me to play this game, so I was like.. "Why not?"..
 Since then till now I didn't regret that I started to play this game. Made a lot of new friends from around the world, have learned English in a decent level, got some leadership skills too and a lot of other things. With one sentence from this game, I learned a lot of helpful things which I am using every day.
 There is a difference between Twistty and Dimitar in real life. I am a lot quieter in real life, shy and emotional, while in MTA I'm trying to hide it and I just feel more dispanded.

Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:

3lite Racers (Leader)
Unlimited Power (Member)
Nitrous Racing (Member)
Hold The Fort (Member)
New Generation Factory (Member)
Ghetto Insider (Member)
Hypersonic Snakes (Member)

How would you be useful to us and what are your goals as an R# member?:

 I can't be that much useful except as a Member, but I will try to help with everything it needs and I can. My goal as an R# member is to make it a better place for everyone.

What makes you stand out from other players?:

 To be honest, nothing makes me stand out from other players and your teammates. I'm a normal human who is a helpful, mature and serious person. I don't like lies, so I'm always saying what I've in my head. Prefer to say the truth instead of lying anyone.

Contact information?: 

Discord: Twistty#1656
Skype: 0897218788


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I'm sorry to say that your join request is declined as we currently don't need any more members in our clan. 

Feel free to try again once our join requests are open.

Good luck!

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