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  1. What's your name(s), age and location?: - Hey my name is Ahmed Mokdam / Wanted# ( In-Game ) I'm 27 and i live in Tunisia/TN Tell us something about you: - Around 6 years earlier. I got invitation from lilgara to play MTA for the first time in a cops and robbers server. I was having a pleasant time with my friends. and i knew this game is perfect for me , a few months after playing on the server. It was starting to get boring for me, maybe it wasn't exactly what i wanted. I like this game. And i knew i had to find another server , after a prolonged search i found two servers called as TG/FFS, i had no idea about the servers. I was just watching and i liked the Shooter way the players were doing. I tried my first time and i found it enjoyable so i became Shooter player. Have you been in any other clans (if yes , name them?): 3R// - 3lite Racers // Shooter ( Member ) 3R// - 3lite Racers // DeathMatch ( Member ) [Korn] - Knights of Red Night ( Shooter Manager ) zN! - zNation! ( Member ) 'AUR| - Aurora ( Shooter Manager ) |-nTL-| - Nothing to Lose ( Trial ) [INT] - International Team ( Member ) uK' - Unknown Killers ( Shooter Manager ) UP| - Unlimited Power ( Member ) pG! - Pulse Gaming ( Shooter Manager ) M# - Maelstrom ( Member ) Lx// - Luxious Crew ( Shooter Manager ) iW// - Iron Will ( Shooter Manager ) pX| - Paradoix ( Member ) How would you be useful to us?: - I would like to express my experience with you. I consider myself as royal friendly and good behavior person calm too. I could bring up ideas to improve Shooter section much more, I can managing tournaments and servers aswell, and i hope to improve the Shooter Squad much more as i can. I also can participate in all of the clan activities since i have got good skills in Shooter. I have a lot of time so i'll be usefully in the server and clan wars, also im searching for a clan with rules and to be stable in it with lovely players. My intention is to have well-being among all people because this is just a game, i know how to take the right judges against the rule breakers and trouble makers o i'd be grateful to help improving the community much more, i am also looking for a clan to stay long time there until the end of my career. What makes you stand out from other players?: - I can be useful for many things you ask me if i know how to do, but i can be useful in clan wars particulary in Shooter, i want to say I am mature person that doesn't like problems and always tries to solve problems, I am in Computer & Networks course and im learning a lot of programming that may be useful someday.I am always looking forward to make some friends to develope my skills with them. What are your goals as a R# Member?: - My goal in R# is to be Shooter Member , and to play Clan Wars nothing else xd. Contact Information?: - Discord: Wanted#7416 - Skype: live:ahmed_mokdam Additional Information ( Optional ) : - I won't leave this clan ( R# ) ( PrAker & RakuzaN ). ( Sorry for the first Join Request , wrong click ^^ )
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