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  1. Wp played all and congratulations sektor!
  2. Natsu

    Glory WFF - Final

    Final: Cascade Flash Naval
  3. I would congratulate Karma and Ahmed for joining this clan, My boys! And looking forward for more!
  4. Nickname: Natsu Country: Egypt Serial: 029C62E6C3475AB720E4280566C032B2 Discord: Natsu#4133
  5. Glad to see this clan growing everyday! Natsu#4133
  6. 1- Your team's name: Nothing To Lose 2- Player one: Natsu Player two: AnUs 3- Your Discord ID: Natsu#4133
  7. Glad to see RakuzaN mapping for real. well mapped men!
  8. Congratulations to other guys and impressive work as always, the login panel looks sick! Natsuki#5076
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