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  1. Closed as requested, best of luck!
  2. Closed as requested, best regards.
  3. Danny


    Nice to see you again bro, welcome to Ravens
  4. Hello there fellow Ravens, I stand before you today to announce our fifth installment of Raven's News. So, what's new? Sit down, relax and come with uncle Danny, I'll show you. That sounded better in my head. Raven's Aerial Domination First off, you probably already know about our $175 2v2 Hunter tournament right? You don't? Well it's too late now. After 50 teams and 100 registered players, registrations are officially closed! It's safe to say that this will be one epic tournament. All that's left to do is start, right? So, when will it start? That brings us back to our $300 Capture the Flag Tournament, once it is done we will start this new tournament immediately. Click here for more information. Capture the Flag Tournament Okay, so any news about the CTF tournament? Of course! As you know we had some problems with our CTF tournament and it didn't go as smoothly as we would like it to, but that won't change anything, we will resume the games as fast as possible. A thread with the quarter final teams and games schedule will soon be posted, make sure you stay in touch! Clan War Results Next up, we have our clanwar results! Since our last news thread, Raven's Gaming has played 5 more official clan wars, 2 of them being Shooter and 3 being WFF. Even though one of the clan wars resulted in a defeat I'm proud to say that our clan did very well winning 4 out of 5 clan wars played. Games and results down below: Clan Roster Changes What about the clan roster? Are there any changes? You bet! These last couple of weeks some players got lucky enough to receive an invitation to join our family, some of them have already proven to be exactly what we were searching for and therefore have been promoted to members. Currently we have 7 trials and they are all looking promising. You can find our updated team roster in here. Please welcome our new trials: R#TRtam - Innovator R#Essovius - DM Squad R#Mactrize - DM Squad R#Benjaz - WFF Squad R#Aeo - Shooter Squad R#AliQ - Shooter Squad Congratulations for the promotions to full members: R#Bravey - WFF Squad R#uHappy - WFF Squad R#Hexenrose - WFF Squad R#AkroM - WFF squad R#Noxxon - WFF Squad R#Skepty - WFF Squad R#Natsu - Shooter Squad R#iProShooT - Shooter Squad R#Noovl - Shooter Squad New Squads Talking about clan rosters, guess what? Raven's Gaming is expanding! We just officially opened a Valorant and Minecraft squad, their rosters will soon be available. More information coming very soon. Join requests We have been asked multiple times to open our join requests and we always answered the same thing: "Be patient and wait". Guess what? The wait is over, our join requests are now officially open for an undetermined amount of time. We might close them at any second so if you want a chance at joining our family, make sure you write a join request so good and so persuasive that we won't have any other choice other than accept you. Sneak Peek Alright, time to drop you with a small sneak peak of what's to come, expect the unexpected. Credits: @kingofspeed Giveaway As always, we will be doing a small giveaway to a lucky person to celebrate how fast our community is growing. Do you want to have a chance to win $10 without even sweating a bit? Good news, all you have to do is join our discord server and write your Discord ID in the comments down below: Example#0000. Great things are coming, stay in touch! Raven's Gaming
  5. I'm sorry to say that your join request is declined as we currently don't need any more members in our clan. Feel free to try again once our join requests are open. Good luck!
  6. I'm sorry to say that your join request is declined as we currently don't need any more members in our clan. If you ever wish to post a join request for any other clan or even this one, I'd advise you to work on your join request a bit more, especially the way it's written (good English knowledge is very important for us)
  7. So glad to have someone as talented as KingOfSpeed in our community, I want to thank him for all his hard work! I can't talk about hard work without mentioning @RakuzaN, he has been working so hard to keep this clan alive, he is truly someone to look up to, thank you for the promotion! Go RAVENS! Dannyboi#8831
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