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  1. Good Evening As you can see, sadly, we've lost all of the databases regarding our forum. However, it's not the end of the world 😄 mistakes can happen; we're just human, and we are not perfect, so I apologize for you getting back to register, but I promise I will make it worthwhile. Starting Fresh Again I have another part of the news that I would like to share sadly, some of our members left the Community, but their help has always been appreciated. Promotion R#Danny, I consider him as my right hand in this Community he scrutinizes every bit of detail in this clan thanks is not sufficient to say to him so I would promote him to Co-Leader of Ravens Gaming. Trial Period I would like to congratulate our trails for passing their Trial period thanks for choosing Ravens and I'm glad that you're enjoying your stay here with us R#Boudi R#Vodkafairy R#Miketz R#Snack R#Mazda New Trials R#Natsu Shooter Squad (Accepted by invitation) R#iProShooT Shooter Squad R#Noovl Shooter Squad R#Bravey WFF Squad R#Noxxon WFF Squad R#uHappy WFF Squad Sneak Peek !! Finally! Our developer's momentum and the vast design from our creative Innovator R#KingOfSpeed were the first results of his fantastic partition in this login scheme. I proudly present to you Ravens Gaming Login Panel ! Finally 15$ x3 Giveaway Simply type in your Discord name and join our Discord server Here! Thanks for reading
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