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    We're glad to announce that our CTF Tournament: Season 1 is officially ready to continue! We had some problems with the server but everything is fixed and you can expect some of the best CTF games MTA has ever seen fighting for the $300 prize pool! Capture The Flag is a groundkill shooter game mode, where your goal is to take the flag from your rival's base and take it to your own base. Yet, if your rival has your flag, you need to return it back so you can score. To return the flag, you can kill your rival by shooting or even hitting him so that he falls into water. The flag will appear where he died. A match is composed of 3 rounds (best of 3), each round is played for 20 minutes, at the end of 20 minutes the team with the highest points will win the round. If it's a draw there will be 8 minutes of extra time, the team with the highest points will win. If it is still a draw after the extra time, the team that scores first wins the round. The Rules are the following: Faking someone else to play for another team will result in disqualification of the whole team from the tournament. If a player times out while the map is running, we continue playing and a reserve can replace him immediately. The maximum ping allowed is 350ms. Any kind of insulting or provoking will result in a mute or kick. Any kind of cheating/hacking or using other methods which gives you an advantage over the other team (and your own teammates) will result in a ban, and the team will have to carry on without a replacement for the entire duration of the match. Planting the flag in a spot where it is hard or impossible to be returned is forbidden. This will result in the player being disqualified and no replacement will be allowed. The Bracket:
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    I'm sorry to say that your join request is declined as we currently don't need any more members in our clan. Feel free to try again once our join requests are open. Good luck!
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